Sell to the Department of Defense ands its Contractors

The Department of Defense and its contractors make up a significant amount of American interests. Reach out to them to sell your services.

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The Department of Defense constitutes 13% of US Federal Spending!

dodleads provides a database that helps marketing and sales teams reach the Department of Defense and its contractors. Sell your services to build up American defense!

We augment data from and add additional proprietary information that is not provided such as url and contact info making it much easier to reach contractors.

Dataset is provided as an Excel spreadsheet. Filter and search quickly, import it into your CRM, and segment and reach your markets.

Defense sales

All the data you need to sell and market your services to Defense contractors.

Reach 5,048 Defense Contractors

Our dataset contains contact information for over 14,530 companies.


Find partnership opportunities with companies that sell to the DoD

Competitive Intelligence

Understand what is being sold to the DoD to build your own offerings.


Market and sell your services to the DoD and contractors.

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Built for Startups and Small Businesses

opsZero built this dataset to help startups and small businesses reach the defense industry. With our deep knowledge of Cloud Infrastructure and Compliance we help companies prepare to sell to the government.